amantha and Darrin's plans for a nice, relaxing weekend take a turn for the busy, as in business, when Larry makes a request - more a demand - that they both go to Chicago to meet with Mr. & Mrs. Springer, of Springer Pet Foods, to "grease the wheels" in preparation for Mr. Springer's trip to New York early next week to renew his contract. They ask Aunt Clara to babysit as she made an unexpected visit anyway. The luncheon with the Springers goes well, they who like the kind of family people Darrin and Samantha seem to be, and Mr. Springer tells Darrin of his intention to renew with McMann & Tate. Things are not going as well at home, as Aunt Clara is having problems with Tabatha. So Samantha makes a quick trip home to deal with Tabatha. Complications ensue when Louise sees Samantha at the house when she should be in Chicago. Louise passes the news to Larry who apologizes to Springer for Samantha not being able to make the trip to Chicago. Springer, in turn, believes the woman who Darrin brought to lunch was his mistress, and as such, decides to drop McMann & Tate unless Darrin is fired. Samantha and Darrin don't know how to handle the situation as they don't want to accuse Louise of being a liar, yet they can't prove to an incensed Springer that she really is Darrin's wife. They need a little luck to get them out of this situation without Darrin having to look for another job.

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