hile visiting with Tabatha and Samantha, Endora suddenly loses her powers. Otherwise she is physically all right, but is depressed about her situation. She doesn't even want to see a doctor as she's embarrassed by what she's going through. In the meantime, she, under a reluctant Darrin's approval, is staying in Samantha and Darrin's guest room for the night. Finally as Endora allows a doctor to examine her, Samantha calls in Dr. Bombay. His diagnosis: it is an allergic reaction to a Macedonian dodo bird, they which have been extinct for a million years. So Samantha and Endora are somewhat skeptical about Dr. Bombay's diagnosis. Regardless, Dr. Bombay sticks to his diagnosis, and states that he can only concoct an antidote with a feather from that bird, which causes a further problem. But they also learn that Endora's powers may have been absorbed by another family member with diminished powers. That has indeed happened as Aunt Clara has benefited from Endora's plight, Aunt Clara who is enjoying her new found prowess. But the bigger question becomes Endora's future, and whether Darrin will allow Endora, in her new mortal state, to stay at the house forever.

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