fter one altercation between himself and Endora too many, Darrin gives Samantha an ultimatum: him or her mother. With such an ultimatum, Endora can't resist but haunt Darrin in the form of an indestructible photograph of herself that she places on his desk at work. That photograph plays into the thoughts of Darrin's potential new client, Mr. Gregson of Gregson Home Appliances. His company's image is of the perfect American home, and he figures that if Darrin has a photograph of his mother-in-law on his desk, he must have the perfect American home. As such, Larry forces a reluctant Darrin to hold a small dinner for them and Endora at his perfect house. The question becomes whether Endora will show up and if she does whether she will help or hinder Darrin's chances at getting the account. Endora's mere presence has an unexpected negative consequence, that may potentially only be resolved through witchcraft.

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