arrin is on the telephone with Alice Swanton, an antiques dealer, about a rocking chair he wants to buy for Samantha as a surprise. After eavesdropping on the tail end of the telephone conversation, Endora believes he's cheating on Samantha. Despite Samantha hearing the same, she still trusts Darrin and believes he would never lie to her. To test Darrin's faithfulness, Endora places a spell on Darrin, making his ears grow every time he tells a lie. Samantha reluctantly allows it since if Darrin tells the truth as she suspects he will, she has nothing to worry about. But Darrin's ears do grow when he lies about the telephone call, he wanting to maintain the surprise. But as the day wears on, Darrin gets caught in one lie after another all concerning the rocking chair. When Darrin finds out about his ears growing, he has to avoid being seen, but he knows it is all Endora's doing for whatever reason. But will Samantha help him if he knows that he's been lying, among others to her?

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