t's Christmas Eve. The biggest problem that Samantha thinks she has is where to put the Christmas tree this year. But a bigger problem arises when Darrin has to work late for the $500,000 Mortimer Instant Soup account. Jessie Mortimer does not believe in Christmas, and he doesn't indulge anyone who does. He uses ultimatums and his money to get what he wants, which is Darrin to come up with a campaign idea tonight or else. Darrin refuses, as he already promised Samantha to help her with the preparations for Christmas. So Mortimer decides to pull his account. Upon viewing the interaction between Mortimer and Darrin and Larry, Samantha believes that there is an underlying issue with Mr. Mortimer not believing in Christmas. Using her witchcraft and her first hand connections, Samantha goes about trying to convince Mr. Mortimer that Christmas should be celebrated.

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