ndora believes that Darrin may have been cheating on Samantha when he said that he has had to work late every night this week. What they are unaware of is that Darrin's want to cheat may very well be the result of his late nights. To replace the troublesome account on which Darrin's been working, Larry wants instead to replace it with the William J. Sommers account, the company which is owned by the father of Darrin's last serious girlfriend before he married Samantha, the snobbish and aggressive but beautiful Sheila Sommers. Larry wants Darrin to use his personal connection with Sheila to get an inside track on the account. When Samantha finds out about Darrin reconnecting with Sheila, even if it was purportedly solely for business in Darrin's eyes, she is initially angry until she learns that the Sommers have invited them for a social dinner party which will allow them to talk business. Samantha sees this party as round two in the Samantha/Sheila battle, from which she intends to come out 2-0.

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