hile Darrin is on a business trip, Samantha is having a dinner party with the Tates, Darrin's cousin Helen, and Helen's current boyfriend Ralph. Helen has never had luck with men, and wants to show Ralph what a happy married home life is all about so that she can entice him into marriage. There are two last minute guests to the party, the first, Endora, who Samantha welcomes. The second Samantha is less excited about. Tabatha, who is enthralled with the story of Sleeping Beauty, wants to find out what happens after the end of the story, and decides to zap Prince Charming out of the book to get a first hand account. Once Samantha finds out what Tabatha has done, she has no choice but to include the Prince in the party, as Tabatha is having problems zapping him back in the book, and as the Prince literally has no substance, meaning that he cannot be contained by physical mortal elements such as walls. Samantha passes him off as her cousin, Charlie. His presence causes problems as naturally charming "Charlie" makes all the women swoon, Helen who drops Ralph like a hot potato in favor of Charlie. And although immune to his charms as a man, Larry nonetheless sees dollar figures as he believes Charlie would be perfect for an advertising campaign, which Samantha eventually learns is impossible since Charlie has no substance, meaning he cannot be photographed. Beyond the issue of getting Charlie back into the book, Samantha has to deal with both the issue of Larry's campaign wants, and Helen's husband wants.

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