unt Clara drops by unexpectedly to ask Samantha for a favor. Her longtime boyfriend, Ockie, has just purchased an English castle and has opened it up for public tours and as a hotel. After he purchased the castle, he found out that it is being haunted by a ghost named McTavish, who scares the guests. McTavish refuses either to move or to stop haunting. Although witches have no powers over ghosts, Aunt Clara is hoping that Samantha can use her position as Queen of the Witches to convince McTavish to stop or move. Despite knowing Darrin would not approve, Samantha agrees only because she figures she can accomplish the task before Darrin comes home. Beyond trying to convince McTavish, Samantha runs into a problem as two current guests at the castle are Darrin's parents, who are touring through Europe. Mrs. Stephens Sr. is certain she sees Samantha at the castle, but can't convince Mr. Stephens Sr. of that fact. Samantha runs into another problem as she is able to convince McTavish to move to more comfortable quarters, where McTavish chooses being Samantha and Darrin's house. Samantha has to get rid of McTavish before Darrin's parents arrive, Mrs. Stephens Sr. who wants to see for herself that Samantha is indeed at home as Darrin has told her she is and not in England.

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