arrin and Samantha are at the last minute invited to a formal dinner party at the home of a potential new client, Dwight Sharpe. Because of all the tasks Samantha has in preparation for the evening, she is unable to get them all done the mortal way, so decides to use a little witchcraft to help. Darrin catches her, which doesn't sit well with him. On the way to the Sharpe's, Darrin and Samantha get a flat tire, which Darrin would like Samantha to use witchcraft to change for him if only because it's pouring rain outside. Samantha refuses in principle. This situation results in a miserable evening all around for Darrin, a situation with Sharpe which could kibosh McMann & Tate getting the account, and a potentially marriage ending argument with Samantha, who does storm off to mother with Tabatha. A remorseful Darrin tries to make it up to Samantha the following day despite he not knowing where "home for Endora" is. Him trying to make-up with Samantha coincides with an invitation to another dinner party at the Sharpe's to make up for the previous night's fiasco. Would Samantha's reaction to Darrin's plea for reconciliation be affected by the Sharpe's invitation, regardless of the fact that Darrin would have wanted the reconciliation anyway?

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