amantha has no comeback from an accusation by a visiting Mrs. Stephens: that she is overprotective of Tabatha, who she sees as having no playmates her own age. So Samantha can't refuse a play date that Mrs. Stephens has arranged for Samantha and Tabatha with her old friend Gretchen Millhauser, who has just moved to the area, and her five year old son, Michael. Upon first meeting with Gretchen and Michael, Samantha can see that Gretchen believes in the parenting philosophy of free expression and permissiveness, which in Michael's case has resulted in him being a spoiled brat. Michael doesn't like Tabatha. The feeling is mutual. While the two children are alone, Tabatha, who has had enough of Michael bullying her, even with his mother around who still encourages her son to express himself freely, turns him into a bulldog. With Michael now missing and a bulldog in their presence, Gretchen and Mrs. Stephens try to find Michael and get rid of the dog, while Samantha tries to get the dog alone with Tabatha so that she can turn him back into Michael. This situation may inadvertently bring some much needed peace and a change in philosophy into the Millhauser home.

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