amantha is having problems with Tabatha, who is at a stage of doing whatever she wants despite Samantha telling her not to twitch. Samantha sends Endora away since she is indulging Tabatha in using her witchcraft. With Darrin out of town on business, Larry and Louise invite Samantha for a business dinner with existing client Edgar Baker and his wife Agnes Baker. Samantha wants to refuse because of the lack of a suitable babysitter. They don't take no for an answer, stating that they will send their own babysitter, Louise's Aunt Harriet, to sit with Tabatha. Tabatha's witchcraft causes Aunt Harriet, an amateur soothsayer who uses a crystal ball as her medium, to believe she truly did contact the after world. This sets about a series of events where the dinner party moves to Samantha's house so that they can all see the ghost Aunt Harriet conjured up. Samantha has to try and rationalize Tabatha's witchcraft which indirectly could jeopardize the account with Baker. Samantha has to figure out a way to get the account back, which she thinks she can do with a little help from Aunt Harriet's crystal ball and Agnes Baker's belief in the afterlife. Samantha doesn't account for someone from the afterlife actually coming forth.

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