espite Darrin being out of town on business, Larry convinces Samantha to host a dinner party for Kenzu Mishimoto, a potential client from Japan who will be in town for a few days and who Larry has been courting for six months so far without a signed contract. Larry feels a home party as opposed to a night out at a restaurant will impress Mishimoto's traditional Japanese side. Although Samantha is uncertain how to approach the party - western or Japanese styled - the one definite hit for Mishimoto is the fourth of four at dinner: Aunt Clara. She was feeling a bit low as she had just broken up - again - with her longtime boyfriend, Ockie. One of the primary attractions of Aunt Clara to Mishimoto is that she reminds him of his deceased wife. The fact of Aunt Clara and Mishimoto becoming an item causes some problems which may not be able to be rectified. On the one hand, Aunt Clara is taking up all of Mishimoto's time, he who has no desire to talk business while on his short visit to New York as he would rather spend that time with Aunt Clara. And if Samantha is able to get Aunt Clara to drop Mishimoto - how she would plan to do so is to call Ockie - Mishimoto would not want to do business with McMann & Tate because he would have lost face due to Aunt Clara's association with them.

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