potential new client for McMann & Tate is the Italian based company, Romani Foods, which is moving into the American market. Mr. Arcarius, Romani's account executive, believes Mr. Romani will only sign with McMann & Tate if their personalities mesh. What he really means is that Larry and/or Darrin must be able to speak to Mr. Romani in Italian. On the spot, Larry tells him that Darrin is fluent, which is the farthest from the truth as Darrin has no aptitude at all in learning foreign languages. However, Darrin decides to take on the challenge. Believing it impossible but wanting to provide Samantha the opportunity to travel to Italy for this account the mortal way, Endora places a spell on Darrin making him fluent in Italian. However, what her spell also ends up doing is making Darrin no longer understand English. This language issue not only causes the obvious problem of dealing with his English speaking colleagues - namely Larry - but also with the Romani account, as Mr. Romani may feel that Darrin's use of Italian is going overboard and thus mocking his own Italian roots.

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