hile Tabatha is playing with her remote controlled flying saucer, she sends the saucer flying outside. Babysitter Aunt Clara uses an incantation to retrieve the saucer. What she ends up doing instead is blowing up the saucer to life sized, which is now taking up the better part of the back yard. Aunt Clara can't remember the incantation to reduce it back it its regular size. Samantha and Darrin, having to deal with what Aunt Clara has done, are able to explain the saucer to nosy Gladys Kravitz and the Air Force officers she has brought with her as a prop that Darrin has built for an advertising campaign. But they run into potential further problems when they learn that what Aunt Clara has actually done is not blow up the toy saucer, but summons a real saucer from outer space, complete with two aliens, Orvis and Alpha. Orvis and Alpha are friendly aliens who end up trusting the Stephens, and who just want to go home. They better hope that Aunt Clara is able to send them and their saucer home before Gladys Kravitz brings back the Air Force officers to investigate this new finding.

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