arrin and Samantha are in excited anticipation of the discussion Larry is having with McMann about Darrin becoming a partner. Instead, the news Darrin receives is that he is nearly fired over a major gaffe in a campaign for a bank. Darrin is bedriddenly depressed, especially over Larry's suggestion that he take some time off, despite Darrin believing that it was Endora who created the mistake if only to thwart his upward career trajectory. Uncle Arthur comes by with something that will help Darrin combat Endora and anyone else like Endora who may want to bring him harm: a lucky charm that will protect him against any harm, even that by witchcraft. A thankful Darrin uses the power of the charm to try and restore his good name, both with his company, and with Mr. Markham, the bank president. What Darrin is unaware of but what Samantha knows perfectly well after the fact is that there is no such thing as a lucky charm. Indeed, Uncle Arthur gave Darrin the "charm" solely to boost his confidence, which it did. But Samantha realizes that that confidence may also lead to Darrin taking unnecessary chances, some which could prove costly.

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