arrin has been named one of the Advertising Men of the Year by the Huxter's Club. Darrin downplays the honor, despite McMann & Tate planning to host a cocktail party in his honor, and he wanting to celebrate with Samantha with a night on the town. Endora believes that under that surface of humility lies an egomaniac. As such, she places a spell around him where every mortal will agree with what he says, no matter how bad the idea, to see how he reacts. Darrin ends up loving the fact that clients, politicians and even Mr. McMann love what he says, so much so that he comes to believe he is unstoppable. It isn't until Samantha is in his company with his business associates at the cocktail party and she sees the reaction of those around him that she figures out what's going on. The questions then become how Darrin will react to him not being the golden boy he thought he was, and how he will continue to impress those around him in the future.

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