ate one evening, Samantha notices Gladys Kravitz standing outside in her bed clothes with a suitcase trying to hitch a ride. Samantha learns from her that she and Abner had a marriage ending fight, that she is trying to get a ride to a hotel (since Abner wouldn't let her call a cab as it is a toll call), and that she is planning on heading to Mexico the following day to get a quickie divorce. Believing that the Kravitzes still love each other but need time to cool down and reflect, Samantha offers Mrs. Kravitz their guest room for the night, which she accepts. This move does not sit well with Darrin, who believes they should not meddle, and who becomes irked with Mrs. Kravitz for exactly the same reason that Mr. Kravitz is: her health food regimen, which she lectures him about and serves him as opposed to feeding him what he considers real food. As time passes, Mrs. Kravitz does not seem eager to leave, and Mr. Kravitz seems happy without his wife, or at least without her health food. So Darrin reluctantly allows Samantha to use a little witchcraft to bring the Kravitzes back together by showing them that they still love each other. Samantha's plan entails conjuring up Henry Fonda, or at least Mrs. Kravitz's version of the famous actor.

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