amantha feels like Darrin went against his word to allow her to carry out her duties as Queen of the Witches when he orders her subjects banished from the house one evening while she is carrying out those duties. But Darrin's move is the last straw for Endora, who wants to see the end of the marriage. The following day, while Samantha is out all day doing volunteer work for the church bazaar, Endora enlists the help of Serena to masquerade as Samantha in front of Darrin. Serena's task as Samantha is to end the marriage both by expressing her anger over Darrin's actions and by making Darrin so angry himself through further actions by Serena. Serena has to walk a fine line as she can't be too aggressive in her approach to tip off to Darrin that she is really Serena and not Samantha. The Stephens' nosy neighbors may also factor into how the story plays out.

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