arrin, who used to be a good golfer in college, is willing to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to go to the links to get his game up to where it was in college if only to impress a potential new client, Joe Baxter, a sportsman who judges people on their athletic prowess, especially in golf. As Baxter himself states, he sees sport, any sport, as a "dramatization of life". However, as an ultra competitive man, Baxter will judge a person favorably if he or she is good but not better than him. The latter part of that statement is difficult to achieve anyway since Baxter does live up to his bragging. Endora believes that Darrin will not be satisfied with being as good as he was in college, and will go overboard once he gets a taste of success. As such, Endora, without telling either Samantha or Darrin, places a spell to bring his game up to where it was in college. She seems to be correct as he can't stop gushing about his game after his successful early morning practice round. Things get a little tense when Darrin is competitive in his and Larry's golf match with Baxter. Baxter, flustered by Darrin's success, just wants to win. Larry, who wants Baxter's account, does anything to make Darrin lose. Darrin seemingly just wants to play his best golf ever and beat Baxter. And Baxter's wife, Margaret Baxter, who has heard her husband's sports success stories over and over and over, just wants him to stop bragging. Samantha has the choice to do nothing, help Baxter and Larry by making Darrin lose and in turn gain the account for McMann & Tate, or help Darrin and Margaret by improving Darrin's game that much more in beating Baxter, which in turn would probably mean losing the account and perhaps proving Endora correct. Samantha decides to...

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