amantha and Darrin receive two unexpected visitors, Aunt Clara and Darrin's mother, the latter who says indirectly that she has left Mr. Stephens as he continually accuses her of an overactive imagination. The latest incident involved what she believed was lipstick on his collar, but which he countered was a stain from a careless waiter spilling food. Samantha and Darrin are less concerned about the senior Stephens' marital problems than what witchcraft Aunt Clara might do in front of Mrs. Stephens. They needn't have worried about that as the problem Aunt Clara creates is witchcraft done out of Mrs. Stephens' sight. In trying to fix Darrin's home movie of Samantha and Tabatha where the picture and sound were out of sync, Aunt Clara did fix the problem, but in turn caused Samantha's own voice to be occasionally out of sync with the movement of her mouth. Getting Mrs. Stephens out of the house and back home is now more imperative before she sees Samantha in her current condition. What's worse is what Dr. Bombay might do in front of Mrs. Stephens, he the only person who may be able to cure Samantha if Aunt Clara can't figure out the proper reversing incantation.

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