ndora's latest olive branch to Darrin - a wedding present to Samantha, albeit a gift five years after the fact - is rebuffed by Darrin as he knows that Endora used witchcraft to produce it. Endora in turn believes Darrin's attitude shows how small a person he is, and as such vows revenge. Samantha and Darrin soon find out what Endora's revenge is: she literally makes him a small person. The change is slow and gradual at first, but quickly speeds up until Darrin is only a few inches tall. Endora refuses to change him back until he apologizes, and Darrin refuses to apologize, believing he in the right. Beyond this standoff, Darrin and Samantha face two additional problems. First, Darrin has to contend with a dog that sees him as potential dinner. And second, nosy Gladys Kravitz is certain she saw a shrunken Darrin, and goes to extreme measures to prove to Abner that what she states she saw is indeed true.

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