tearful Louise comes with suitcase in hand to speak to Samantha about the fact that she's left Larry, while Larry discusses his marital woes with Darrin at a bar. Her visit coincides with a visit from Uncle Arthur, who has brought a poodle as a gift for Tabitha. As Darrin is not at home, Samantha feels that she can't make a decision on whether to keep the dog as she can't speak for Darrin. Uncle Arthur decides to pull one of his practical jokes by giving Samantha Darrin's voice so that she can literally speak for him. The joke aspect of the action aside, the problem becomes that Uncle Arthur can't seem to undo the spell. What's worse is that Samantha's own voice had to go somewhere, that somewhere being to Darrin. While Uncle Arthur tries to fix the Samantha/Darrin voice problem, they have to contend with Louise and Larry, who will not tolerate their friends doing what they consider taking sides. The mixed voices add another level of confusion to the matter.

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