arrin's mother stops by to give Tabitha an early birthday present. The reason she couldn't wait until Tabitha's actual birthday is because her gift is tuition into the prestigious Delightful Day Nursery School, its year which starts tomorrow. Samantha and Darrin don't want to accept since Tabitha still doesn't understand the difference between mortals and witches, but Mrs. Stephens will not take no for an answer. Upon arriving at the school, which is run by the officious and competitive Mrs. Burch, Samantha is even more dismayed to learn that policy does not allow her to stay. So while Samantha is out dress shopping with her mother-in-law, she takes whatever opportunity to sneak away back to the school, which may be difficult to explain to Mrs. Stephens if she is caught. Samantha is glad that she is able to sneak away as Tabitha, in wanting to stop her classmate, Amy Taylor, from crying for not being chosen to play a butterfly during "nature" play, actually turns her into a butterfly. Amy has flown away, which means that Samantha has to try and find her so that Tabitha can turn her back, while a frantic Mrs. Burch, who has never lost a child in her twenty-seven years of teaching, madly tries to find Amy before her mother, Ruth Taylor, comes to pick her up.

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