rs. Kravitz has circulated a petition demanding that the Stephenses chop down the sickly willow tree in their front yard. Samantha refuses as the tree has sentimental value since it was a gift from Darrin. Samantha has tried almost everything to restore it back to health, including her own witchcraft, to no avail. So she calls in the last resort: Dr. Bombay. His spell seems to be doing the trick. After Dr. Bombay leaves, Samantha believes she got caught in the downfall of the spell. The incantation contained the phrase "weep and weep and weep" which has led to Samantha weeping uncontrollably whenever she is downwind from the tree. News of Samantha's weeping gets back to Darrin, who believes it is solely about her sadness over the tree. However, both Mrs. Kravitz and Larry believe Samantha's weeping is due to the Stephens' marriage being in trouble since they both saw Darrin with their overly affectionate new female neighbor. While Mrs. Kravitz and Larry's misunderstanding continues, Samantha tries to conjure up Dr. Bombay to remedy her situation. That may be easier said than done as Dr. Bombay's work on the tree was his first such and therefore purely an experiment.

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