hen Endora implies that Darrin is a slave driver, Samantha in turn responds that he's courteous, chivalrous, and gallant. So without their knowledge, Endora places a spell on Darrin to make him exactly what Samantha says he is. This new courteous to an extreme Darrin results in a work situation, where his softer approach - which he relates to his courteousness - does not jive with the hard sell approach that Larry knows Charlie Traynor, the advertising manager for Adrienne Sebastian Cosmetics, wants. Traynor ends up thinking Darrin is a flake, and Larry believes Darrin has gone crazy, resulting in Larry firing Darrin. When Samantha hears what happened, she knows that it was all her mother's doing. While Samantha tries to get her mother to reverse the spell, someone else with a deep pocketbook may truly appreciate Darrin's gallantry and pay good money for it.

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