efore she knows it, Samantha is in the process of interviewing for live-in maids on the initiative of her mother-in-law, who feels that the extra time Samantha will have by not having to do housework will allow her to make social connections which will boost Darrin's career. Beyond Endora's disgust about the idea of a maid - namely paying someone to do something Samantha could do with a snap of her fingers - Samantha and Darrin don't want a maid for the obvious problem of extraneous witchcraft possibly being performed in front of who they hire. Samantha does her best to dissuade potential candidates, but she can't dissuade one applicant named Amelia, a sweet, hard working woman who she has no choice but to hire. Samantha and Darrin decide they have to fire her - but give her a good reference and a hefty severance - but neither has the heart to do the firing. So they have to figure out a way for Amelia to want to leave on her own, which may be a difficult challenge.

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