amantha and Darrin believe they've lucked out when Serena, who vowed to crash their important business dinner party, hasn't shown up by the party's start. It is for McMann & Tate client, Italian wine heiress, the seductive but pretentious and snobbish Clio Vanita. Serena does show up, but Samantha convinces her that if she does want to stay that she remain out of sight. Serena agrees as unknown to Samantha, she feels she can do more good hidden from view, especially in protecting Samantha's marriage, as Clio seems more interested in Darrin than in Darrin's campaign ideas. Serena overhearing Clio telling Darrin that retaining her account is dependent on him being close to her is the last straw: Serena turns her into a monkey. Although Samantha didn't appreciate Clio's behavior, Samantha doesn't condone what Serena did. When Darrin finds out, he banishes Serena from their house forever, not realizing that Serena, who is the only one who can change Clio back into a human, has not yet done so.

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