t's the morning after the night before Serena turned Darrin's client, the overly amorous Clio Vanita, into a monkey to protect Samantha and Darrin's marriage as Clio was hitting on Darrin. Serena is nowhere to be seen to turn Clio back into a human as Darrin banished her from the house forever. Darrin has to get Clio to an eleven o'clock meeting to sign a contract. Serena, after cooling off, eventually does return, but in the meantime the monkey escapes. While she sends Darrin to the office to prepare for the presentation, Samantha tracks the monkey on what ends up being a figurative maze, which is not easy to follow and has pitfalls along the way. And even if Samantha is able to find the monkey, get Serena to change her back into Clio Vanita, and get a human Clio to the meeting at McMann & Tate, there still is no guarantee that Clio will sign as she wasn't too keen on Darrin's campaign ideas the night before.

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