amantha sewing a dress for Tabitha from scratch, and Darrin giving Samantha a small trinket of a gift for the sixth anniversary of their first date make Endora lament all the luxuries that Samantha has given up in her life by marrying Darrin. Using an operative calling himself Professor MacAllister, Endora sets in motion a get rich quick scheme for Darrin - through the marketing and sale of a Kewpie-like doll called "the fuzz" which has a spell on it to make mortals feel good in order to buy it - so that Darrin can indeed give Samantha all those luxuries. It not only sweeps Darrin into an "I'm rich" frenzy, but also others, such as his secretary, Betty Wilson, and Larry. Samantha doesn't really like what it has done to Darrin, although she does appreciate his sentiments in wanting to provide for her and Tabitha. Samantha is certain that Endora is behind the scheme, as the doll as a means to get rich makes no logical sense. The question becomes what Darrin will do when he learns the truth.

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