erena takes refuge at Darrin and Samantha's to hide out from a vengeful witch named Brunhilde, with whose husband, Malcolm, Serena was carrying on. Serena broke off her relationship with Malcolm when she found out he was married. Brunhilde, tracking Serena down, does not realize that who she discovers is actually Samantha. As punishment, Brunhilde sends Samantha back to 1868 New Orleans with no memory of who she is. Serena, watching from her hide-out, knows that the only way to get Samantha back using Brunhilde's spell is to send Darrin back to retrieve her. He must get her to kiss him for her to regain her memory and for them to be transported back to present day. This task will not be easy for Darrin, as beyond Samantha not knowing who he is, she is taken in by a suave southerner named Rance Butler, who will do whatever needed to keep Samantha for himself as he has fallen in love with her.

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