efore she knows it, Samantha has been co-opted to help in yet another women's committee, Housewives for UNICEF. The work of the committee ends before it even begins when their primary benefactor, builder E.J. Haskell, reneges on a $10,000 donation. And Samantha is once again co-opted into another task before she knows it, namely to wage a forty-eight hour campaign on getting Haskell to change his mind and to make the donation. Samantha's meeting with Haskell ends up being less than productive, with him threatening her by telling her never to show her face around him again. That gives Samantha an idea: that she will haunt him, with him seeing her face everywhere he goes. Although Samantha's campaign seems to be having some effect, Endora believes Samantha needs to get to the root cause of why he reneged on the donation. That cause seems to be Haskell's new fiancée, a seemingly gold-digger of a woman named Lila Layton.

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