ousin Henry, who is a chip off the old "Uncle Arthur" block, stops by for an unexpected visit, as does Endora. As they have nothing better to do, they accompany Samantha, who would have preferred they didn't, and Tabitha on their shopping trip to Hinkley's Department Store to buy some dresses for Tabitha. They end up being waited on by Joseph Hinkley Jr., the owner's son, on his first day working at the store following his graduation from business school. He will eventually inherit the store, but he lacks the confidence and finesse to make a good businessman. As such, Cousin Henry can't help but pull a few witchcraft enhanced practical jokes at his expense. But after one disagreement too many with him, Cousin Henry turns Hinkley Jr. into a mannequin and refuses to change him back, after which he quickly leaves the store. Samantha and Endora have to find Cousin Henry so that he can change Hinkley Jr. back while hide the fact that Hinkley Jr. is missing from the store, especially from Hinkley Sr., who doesn't think much of his son. Further problems arise when the store displays are being changed, which includes removing all the store mannequins.

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