he latest witchcraft related gripe that Darrin has with Endora is that she gives four year old Tabitha a miniature piano and turns her into a piano virtuosa. Wanting Samantha to provide a good example to Tabitha, Darrin offers a challenge to Samantha, which she accepts: learn how to play the piano the mortal way. Who Samantha hires as her teacher is the officious Johann Sebastian Monroe. But Monroe turns his attention away from Samantha and to Tabitha, as Endora can't resist but continue to endow her granddaughter with witchcraft imbued piano virtuosity, the latest in front of Monroe. As such, he wants to turn Tabitha into a concert pianist - including taking her away from home so that she can tour - to the exclusion of all else. Samantha and Darrin have to figure out a way to dissuade Monroe from this single-minded pursuit. But with this distraction, the other question becomes whether Samantha will ever learn how to play the piano the mortal way.

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