arrin makes a successful presentation to marketing executive Carlos Aragon for the launch of his company's Mexican bottled drink, Bueno, into the United States. The next step is for Darrin, who plans to take Samantha, to go to Mexico City to sell the campaign to the company president, Raul Garcia. However, Larry decides to treat himself to the trip, basking both in the glory of Darrin's hard work, and in the relaxation of an exotic city for vacation. Peeved by Larry's selfishness, Samantha can't help but to use a little witchcraft on Larry while he's in Mexico City, the result being the need for Darrin and her to go to Mexico City as well to make the presentation to Garcia. The last minute trip forces a nervous Darrin to learn Spanish to impress Garcia, which for him is not an easy task. To assist, Endora, without his knowledge, places a spell on Darrin to make all his fears disappear every time he speaks Spanish. Because Darrin is all fear, the result of Endora's spell is that Darrin disappears entirely. The spell causes a problem not only on the plane to Mexico City, but also at the initial meeting with Garcia, as Darrin has to find a way not to speak Spanish, which includes not saying the product's name, Bueno. When Samantha convinces Endora to reverse the spell, Darrin and Samantha run into a slightly different problem, this time in front of an important audience of Bueno backers.

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