hile Samantha and Darrin are cleaning up after dinner, Darrin mysteriously disappears. After going through the regular cast of culprits who may have zapped Darrin away such as Endora and Uncle Arthur, a powerful witch named Carlotta shows herself to be the one who did it, despite Samantha not even knowing who Carlotta is. Endora, who is present, explains the reason, about which she is now aware because of Carlotta's arrival. When Samantha was born, Endora and Carlotta made an agreement that their respective first borns would eventually get married to each other, that pact which Carlotta has now come to make good. As Samantha can't outzap Carlotta to get Darrin back, she goes with Carlotta to meet her son just to see what she is up against. Carlotta's son, Juke, ends up being a spineless young warlock who has never stood up to his mother. Juke doesn't even really want to marry Samantha. So Samantha tries to get Juke to stand up to Carlotta. As a probable Plan B in the likelihood that Juke will not be able to do so, Samantha believes she can fight Carlotta by exploiting the basic nature of Carlotta and Juke's relationship to her advantage.

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