Sous titres français pour la série Ma Sorcière Bien-Aimée (Bewitched) - S05E06

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
30 min


Moving into middle age, Darrin begins to notice those human physical imperfections in himself associated with aging. Despite Samantha's assertions that Darrin isn't vain, Endora believes otherwise. As such, she, without Samantha or Darrin's knowledge, places a spell on him to make him vain, more specifically in a youthful manner. Beyond needing to stop at every mirror to admire himself, Darrin also starts to don a wardrobe befitting a person half his age, believing it is making him look all the more handsome. This attitude and behavior causes a professional problem, not only with Larry, but with their new client, Hascomb Pharmaceuticals, a century old company whose president, Whitney Hascomb, has old fashioned ideas. Samantha figures out that Endora has placed a spell on Darrin. If Samantha can't get Endora to remove the spell, she's going to have to find a way for Darrin, in his young at heart, vain state, to regain Larry and Hascomb's favor.

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