hile Samantha is preparing the meal for a dinner party for Larry and Louise, Uncle Arthur drops by. As he is the direct cause for the dessert being ruined, he decides to zap another one up for her. What he decides upon are Napoleons. Inadvertently, what Uncle Arthur zaps up is the actual Napoleon Bonaparte. The first problem is that Uncle Arthur can't for whatever reason zap him back, meaning that Napoleon will have to stay at least for dinner and until Uncle Arthur can figure out what he's doing wrong. Samantha is able to convince Napoleon to promise not to tell Larry and Louise who he really is, and pretend to be Henri, her visiting cousin from Paris. But further problems arise when Larry, believing Henri looks like Napoleon, wants to use him for an advertising campaign for one of their clients. And that problem is compounded by Napoleon, who decides to work off his own ulterior motives as a misplaced Emperor in the twentieth century.

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