illow Street Park, the only park in the neighborhood, was donated to the city by Col. Nathan Mossler, whose family now leases it to the city for $1 a year. Surveyors in the park are the first notice that Samantha and the other mothers, who depend on the park as a recreational space for their children, learn that the Mossler family has taken back the property, and will demolish it tomorrow so that they can build a shopping center in its place. An incensed Samantha decides to fight, and based on advice from Darrin, decides to hold a protest rally. It isn't until after Samantha's first protest rally, which has its intended effect of stopping the bulldozers at least for the day, that Samantha and Darrin find out that who Samantha is protesting against is the Colonel's now grown grandson, Harlan Mossler, a client of McMann & Tate. Regardless, Samantha still wants her park, Darrin still wants his job and the account with Mossler, and Mossler still wants to build his shopping center on the park property, the three wants which are incompatible. Who will be able to change the others' minds to get what he/she wants?

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