aurice stops by for a visit. When Samantha won't zap him up the breakfast of his choice, the issue of Darrin banning witchcraft unless in extreme emergencies is discussed. Maurice believes that if given a taste of witchcraft himself, Darrin would relish the life of a warlock. As Samantha has lived mostly a mortal life for the five years that she and Darrin have been married, Maurice eventually is able to convince Darrin to at least try the other side for one day by temporarily giving him powers. As the day progresses and as Darrin has yet to use the powers for anything of substance, Maurice is further able to convince Darrin to use the powers to spy at the board meeting of one of his clients, Silas Pharmaceuticals, who will be deciding at that meeting between McMann & Tate and a competing firm for their account. Darrin's pitch was a modern campaign, which bucks Silas' traditional trend over the course of their history. With that inside information which should win McMann & Tate the account, will Darrin want to move over to the side of witchcraft permanently?

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