o keep the peace, Samantha implores Darrin to be agreeable with Endora when she next visits. He does so, but rather sarcastically. Endora does not like this new view of Darrin, so she, without Samantha or Darrin's knowledge, places a spell on him to make him agree with anything that anyone says. Beyond some personal issues with Gladys Kravitz, Darrin gets into a bit of professional trouble with his "I totally agree" attitude and behavior. His client, Mr. Shotwell, is known to state that he does not like "yes" men, but realistically he does not like to be contradicted. Their encounter leads to Larry indirectly firing Darrin, which in turn leads to Darrin looking for another job. To support Darrin, Samantha uses a little witchcraft to help Darrin land the job he wants. But even with that new job in hand, they are worse off than before the incident. When Samantha figures out that Endora placed a spell on Darrin, she has to get Endora to remove the spell as opposed to reverse the spell - which itself has its consequences - but also get Larry and Darrin and Shotwell back together.

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