t's days before Christmas. With much to do around the house, Samantha calls in Esmeralda for babysitting duties, which doesn't sit well with Darrin when he finds out. As usual, Esmeralda's sneezes accidentally conjure up various unwanted items, most which magically fade away as quickly as they appear. However, one sneeze conjures up an especially problematic item: Santa Claus. And Santa doesn't seem to fade away like Esmeralda's other items. Santa's stay causes problems for Samantha and Darrin, as they have to hide or explain Santa to people who come by the house, namely nosy Gladys Kravitz, and Larry, the latter who is not in a festive mood as he is continually being nagged by Louise for a mink stole for Christmas, he who seems reluctant to get it for her. But Santa's stay is also a problem for Santa as he has much work to attend to in preparation for his big Christmas Eve ride. So if Santa won't go to the North Pole, Samantha decides to zap the North Pole to Morning Glory Circle, which causes further complications in hiding Santa from Gladys and Larry.

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