s Darrin is about to leave the house for work where he has an important presentation to make regarding a campaign for a new modular home, he and Samantha find that all the doors and windows are locked and won't open, even with witchcraft. What's more is that Samantha's witchcraft can't even zap anyone from inside the house to outside, meaning that she, Darrin and Tabitha are trapped. Until they find out what's going on, they have to stall Larry, as even if Darrin can't make it to the office for the presentation, he has the important model home that Larry will need for the presentation. Samantha believes that one of her relatives is playing a practical joke. So when they call Endora, who vows that she didn't place the spell, they find that Endora is trapped along with them. After that, Samantha is a little more careful about who she calls since whoever they call will too be trapped. But as Samantha thinks about the situation a little more, she believes that perhaps it isn't a someone that has caused the problem, but rather a something, that can only be diagnosed by Dr. Bombay.

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