abitha has been entertaining imaginary playmates in her new playhouse all afternoon. But added to the mix is a real playmate, a leprechaun named Tim O'Shanter. What Samantha and Darrin are unaware of after they kick Tim out of the house is that Tim was sent by Endora to place a hex on Darrin. What Tim decides to do is to give Darrin a pair of custom made shoes, which end up making Darrin think of nothing but relaxing when he wears them, which causes a problem as it is supposed to be a working weekend, the campaign on which he is working which is already giving him enough problems. Samantha knows the shoes are hexed, but her witchcraft can't get them off, nor can Darrin get them off himself. Samantha has to figure out Tim's motives as well as how to gain control over him to restore Darrin back into his working mindset to get the campaign done in time for Larry's imminent arrival.

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