espite being flustered due to the event, Darrin is able to get Samantha to the hospital in plenty of time for the birth of their second child, a boy. Also waiting for them at the hospital unexpectedly is Samantha's father, Maurice. Maurice balks at the notion that his grandson is getting exactly the same treatment as all the other babies in the maternity ward. As such, he casts a spell which makes every single mortal who sets eyes on the baby automatically fall in love with him. Beyond all the other new mothers and fathers falling in love with Samantha and Darrin's baby and in the process neglecting their own, Larry wants to use the baby in an advertising campaign, and the hospital wants to paint a mural of the baby as inspiration to other expectant parents. After finding out about Maurice's spell, Samantha and Darrin have to convince him that all the resulting publicity may not be a good thing.

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