ncle Arthur is using his powers of witchcraft to perform as a magic act at Tabitha's birthday party. One of his spells doesn't turn out quite as he expects as instead of conjuring up a bunny rabbit, he instead transforms the bunny that Tabitha already has into a beautiful human version of that bunny, she with her rabbit sensibilities in tact. This gaffe is performed in front of one of Darrin's clients, A.J. Sylvester, who falls madly in love at first sight with "Bunny". Before Samantha and Darrin know it, Sylvester and Bunny have taken off together. Beyond needing to find them so that Uncle Arthur can change Bunny back into a real rabbit, Darrin and Samantha eventually have to convince Sylvester that he can't get involved with Bunny, all the while not jeopardizing McMann & Tate's account with him.

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