fter one altercation too many with her, Darrin banishes Endora from the house forever. In turn, Endora, without Darrin's knowledge, threatens to turn him into a mouse at midnight unless he rescinds his banishment decree against her. As she knows he won't, Samantha decides to take preventative action by consulting the apothecary to see if there is anything that can be done to counter such a spell that Endora might use. She learns that there is, but it requires Darrin to do three seemingly difficult if not impossible tasks - touching a buffalo between the eyes, drinking a potion underwater, and flying over water during the day in the dark - both without him knowing why these are being done, and without the use of witchcraft. Samantha's attempts at making Darrin do these three things unwittingly affect Larry's confidential and top secret plans to nab a lucrative account.

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