ugsley and Wednesday attend a birthday party for neighbor Harold Pomeroy. Though Morticia instructs her children to be modest about their advantages, it's not an attitude reflected by the Pomeroys, who call them kooks and proclaim them inferior. Incensed, Gomez hires Mr. Pomeroy's genealogist, Professor Simms, to examine the Addams' family tree for ancestors to flaunt at them. In the interim, Mr. Pomeroy completely changes his manner due to oil he thinks he's found on land owned by Gomez. Before the two meet up to discuss business, Simms spills the beans on several unsavory characters in Pomeroy's family tree, which only serves to impress Gomez and Morticia. The Pomeroys really ARE better than the Addams. It later influences the discussion of the land purchase, prompting Gomez to gush over Pomeroy's blood-thirty ancestors while Pomeroy, mortified, drives up his own price to keep Gomez from talking further.

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