he host for the episode is Buck Henry, and the musical guests are Bill Withers, Toni Basil and The Blues Brothers. The skits for this episode are as follows: A suicide hot-line operator tries and fails to prevent a caller from killing himself. Buck Henry gives a self-effacing speech during the opening monologue, while notices superimposed on the screen tell the real story. A man orders a sandwich at a restaurant run by a samurai. President Ford learns of a new campaign strategy to make him look more intelligent. A speed-reading course is presented that helps people read faster, but not better. A sequel to Citizen Kane is presented in which a reporter investigates Kane's other last words. A mechanic tells his daughter nothing but automotive bedtime stories. Gary Weis presents a film with Buck Henry looking for the funniest person on the streets of New York. Michael O'Donoghue does an imitation of Michael Douglas with needles in his eyes. A spokesman for the American Constipation Society discusses the social pain that constipation causes. During the Weekend Update, Chevy Chase once again gets lost while tracking down a story, while a guest commentator rails against masturbation. Bill Withers performs "Ain't No Sunshine". Toni Basil performs "Wham Re-Bop Boom Bam". The Blues Brothers perform "King Bee".

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