my Adams hosts the episode, and Vampire Weekend is the musical guest. In the cold opener, Hillary Clinton(Amy Poehler) announces an obviously biased campaign commercial against rival Barack Obama(Fred Armisen). During her monologue, Amy Adams notes her marked resemblance to castmember Kristen Wiig, and both perform their own rendition of the song "What Is This Feeling?" from the Broadway show "Wicked." Adams and Wiig team up again for a spoof of twin sitcoms such as "Sister-Sister" which are often shown in reruns on ABC Family Channel. Dr. Helen Winston(Adams) is a marriage counselor trying to help a man(Will Forte) and his Russian wife(Poehler). During an SNL "Digital Short," Andy Sadberg sings in a Spandau Ballet-type music video, until he becomes a Batman-clone. The only trouble is, he's too busy singing to stop a purse snatcher from victimizing a woman(Adams). Christian Siriano(Poehler) Tim Gunn(Bill Hader), and Heidi Klum(Adams) try to help a woman(Casey Wilson) on a spin-off of "Project Runway," but spent too much time spouting catch-phrases. Weekend Update features Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers, and Senator Tim Calhoun(Forte), who announces his campaign for the Presidency. Penelope(Wiig) goes to traffic school, and annoys everybody in class, including the teacher Regina(Adams). Dr. Uncle Jimmy's Smokehouse and Outpaitient Surgical Facility pitches for themselves in a commercial, boasting of their food, surgery, and their recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records and Arkansas Medical Review Board. Even Ellen Pompeo(Adams) from "Grey's Anatomy" stops by to endorse Jimmy's Smokehouse, until she finds out what it really is. Controversial former baseball veteran Roger Clemens(Jason Sudekis) writes a play endorsing steroid use in baseball. Tookie Styles(Kenan Thompson) does a commercial for a DVD of old episodes of his public-access Cable TV show. Four women(Adams, Poehler, Wiig, and Wilson) perform an old eighth grade dance routine during every song played at a local bar in order to impress men. Vampire Weekend performs the songs "A-Punk" and "M79."

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