fter exams are finished, the SOS Brigade takes a cruise to a remote island that is planned by Itsuki. Kyon's sister tags along as well, much to the chagrin of Kyon. Once they arrive, they meet Keiichi-san, the owner of the villa they are staying at, his brother Yutaka-san, the butler Arakawa-san and the maid, Mori-san. Haruhi starts thinking that a murder mystery might occur, but Kyon tells her they only just arrived. So, the first day is spent at the beach. But the next two days are spent inside, because of a typhoon and Haruhi really believes something interesting will happen. And on the third day it does, as Arakawa-san tells them that Yutaka has disappeared and Keiichi hasn't stirred from his bed. So they go to Keiichi's room and find him...

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